Michalak Design offers a high-speed suited softtop for Ferrari 550 Barchetta


Exciting design while keeping the originality.

You want to go on a journey of several days and be prepared for inconsistent weather?

Here we offer you a soft top, that that meets the highest demands and guarantees these benefits.

  • The new designed soft top with the aerodynamic shape is drivable up to 210 km/h.
  • There is no body work nessesary, that keeps the originality of your Ferrari.
  • Unrestricted use of Barchetta by very simple handling.

These benefits bring you, as a Barchetta 550 driver an enormous increase in flexibility.

  • This soft top makes your dream car fully usable through the year.
  • You are independent of the weather - rain, sun and wind do not interfere with a trip.
  • When the top is closed you have the full boot utility for your regular use.
  • While open, the top is stowed in the boot, but leaves space for picnic basket and small luggage.



For decades we have built modells for car manufacturer. When a friend of us bought his Barchetta 550 he wanted us to improve the use of the original soft top. So we designed and tested him this high speed soft top up to 210 km/h.


He loves racing cars and you can get the benefit of this.



The soft top consists essentially of these, easy to use parts.


  • Two bars which form the upper end of the side windows.
  • Upper trim of the windscreen with the mounted canvas hood.
  • Separate rear window, which keeps the heat in the car in winter.
    If it is, for example, in summer not installed, you get a very pleasant room climate.
  • A carrying bag that fits transversely into the trunk. It provides protection for all Soft top parts and stores them in the smallest space.




Each top is manufactured carefully on demand.

The metal parts are formed at an authorized Ferrari workshop in Modena.

The slip-on brackets are made of
resin inforced carbon.

The top material is high-quality automotive OEM material.

Most important, is the manufacturing in Germany.
The combination of the material and the fit of more than 50 parts guarantees the quality.


Here the expert still manufactures himself.


Ferrari 550 Barchetta
Ferrari 550 Barchetta

Easy for the daily use


  • Attach and fix the side bars.
  • Attach the front bar and tighten lever.
  • Hung in the fastening at the fixing point of the gas operated compressing spring.
  • With closing the trunk lid the soft-top stretches elegantly over the roll bars.


Soft top Ferrari Barchetta 550

Soft top consists of all parts needed, mainly:

Canvas roof with bar and lever to fix at the windscreen.

Two slip-on bars, fitting to the side windows.

Rearwindow and transportation bag.

You can do the first mounting by yourself.

Here you have to adjust the tension of the soft top by steel wires in the seam of the canvas. But surely a workshop of your confidence can support you adjusting it.


Please notice: The soft top is manufactured on order.

Delivery time approx. 6 weeks.

Feel free to ask for a detailled offer including shippment.

The shops general terms and conditions have no validity-here.


10.500,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 5-8 days1